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We've helped dozens of founders kick-start their startups in our two previous batches.
Politics, fashion, car sharing, messaging and finance are just some of the fields we dove into over the course of this experience.

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Just like you, all these founders came to us on day 1 with just an idea in mind. Togheter, we've succeeded in a span of 4-6 months turning these ideas to living, breathing products in the market.



Discover great movies at nearby thearters and get notified about new movie deals through location-aware push notifications.

@Colin Krieg
Arizona, USA

CountUp is a free platform for startups to find & work with licensed accountants online. Instead of hiring full time accountants or overpaying traditional account firms - hire your own personal CPA for a flat monthly fee.

@Noda Janashia
New york, NY


Sealed is a social app that enables close friends and family to exchange time delayed messages. Unlike other messaging apps, Sealed immediately notifies the recipient of when the message will unlock, creating anticipation and excitement in the content delivery experience.

@Alex Cantrell
Boston, MA

The main purpose of OuiHelp is to offer a wide range of services to international students in order to make their installation and integration in France easier. To avoid problems and complications due to the language barrier among other things, OuiHelp proposes complete support throughout the student's stay. The goal is to create lasting relationships through quality and effective services.

@Pierre-Emmanuel Bercegeay
Paris, France


FanFeed is a mobile app for sports fan to connect around and highlight the best plays in recent games.

@Connor Maher
San Francisco, CA


Filz, the fashion loving child of Tinder and Instagram, is a platform for fashionistas who want to get feedback on their outfits from the community.

@Kai Schmid
Geneva, Switzerland

Get to know our products.

Similarly, we’ve created and launched a handful of internal apps that illustrate the quality of our work. You might also say it’s a way to keep our teams at the edge of the industry standards.


Hillo for Trello™.

Hillo, or High Level Trello, lets you track your Trello boards activity at a glance. Define when a board is marked inactive and get all your boards status update with one refresh.


Startup Patterns.

Startup Patterns is designed for people aspiring to stay on top startup knowledge, but can barely find time to do it. We give you a competitive edge, learn fast and effortlessly by swiping through curated lessons, once at a time, from the world’s best startup references & authors.

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